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      Since 1995,we have started to study and develop the products of steam iron; In 1996,we have made all the arrangements for steamer`s production and related checkout test set; In 1997, Maier Electrical Appliance Company Limited came out with the Maier garment steamers and sold them; In 1998,Maier registered and found production bases of steamer and home appliance, the registered capital is ten million eight hundred thousand; In1999,Maier Electrical Appliance Company Limited purchased ground and built modern factory and office building; In 2002, Maier obtain the import and export rights.

      Maier is the earliest company to produce garment steamer in China, with complete independent intellectual property rights.Maier has been committed to the invention and innovation of garment steam from the beginning to the present, and the product has been patented by many inventions and inventions. Maier's invention and innovation broke the unchangeable pattern of the world garment steamer and caused great shock and repercussions in the world garment steamer industry.

      The products of Maier garment steamer have been approved by CE, CB, CQC and other international and domestic authorities. Maier has won the international standard certificate, the provincial high and new technology enterprise certificate, the national high and new technology enterprise certificate, the patent demonstration enterprise certificate, the advanced scientific and technological unit certificate, the second prize for scientific and technological progress, and the famous trademark of Guangdong province. All the honors of Maier company demonstrate that Maier is improving the production of products, and every product is elaborately built.

      Development history
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      1996In 1996, the production and testing equipment was prepared, and trial production was carried out by hanging machine.
      1997In 1997, the steam ironing machine produced by Mayer was sold on the Chinese market.
      1997From 1997 to 2007, sales and after-sales service agencies were set up in more than 90 large and medium-sized cities in China.
      About Maier
      Company profile
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